Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung! Or is it Summer has Sprung?

We are enjoying the most "beautifulest" of weather here in western NY.   A gift - temps at or above 70 for 12 days now.   I know it can't last, but oh that it would!!!!   I try to savor every minute of it by being outside.   So, consequently, it doesn't look like I have a lot to show for my blog.....but I have been very busy - other than quilting!

 This is my clematis - growing near the front door.   It's an early one.....but it's REALLY early right now.   So lush and green!
 We have these pretty blue star shaped flowers all over.   My husband calls them "blueits", I think they are "Glory of the Snow"!
 Little mini daffodils near the mailbox.   I don't know if they are really mini, or if the heat forced them before they got tall.   They do seem to have put on a little bit of height since they bloomed last week.
 My 3 alium plants, with the Delphinium in front.
 This shows what I've been up to - cleaning out my gardens!
 More cleaning of gardens - the dead looking thing is my hibiscus - not to fear, it always looks dead until June and then it becomes a beautiful glorious plant full of deep red flowers by August.
My clematis by the mailbox - also off to a great start.

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