Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime in Batavia

It's springtime at my house.   We had 2 gorgeous weeks of "summer" and it forced everything out and open early.   Unfortunately, this week will probably end much of it as it is supposed to be quite cool (as in COLD) and rainy!   But for's very pretty!

 The front of the house..........the sandcherry tree is in full bloom and it is BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!  You can see the forsythia peeking out at the back corner.

The forsythia.........all the forsythia around here seems to be such a bright yellow this year.   Is it really brighter, or are we just so glad to see color!!!!

No quilting to show this week.....I've been cleaning out my gardens and enjoying our "teaser" summer!

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