Friday, February 15, 2013

Ice Dye Fabric Challenge Quilt - Lenten Banner

In my ArtCGirlz art quilt group, one of our members does a lot of snow/ice dyed fabrics.   She brought each of us a Fat Quarter with the challenge to create something out of it.

This is the FQ I chose!   I immediately saw Stained Glass church windows!

 This is the quilt I created using her fabric and my idea!

 I used Angelina Fibers to create sparkle/shimmer in the stained glass windows.

 I wanted to try thread sketching - basically drawing an object freehand, using the needles as a pencil.

Finally, I have made several pulpit banners for my church.   They requested a lenten banner (I wonder how they knew I'd have lots of purple fabric - the color of Lent!!!!!!)

A simple quilt - a cross with the Crown of Thorns.

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  1. What vision you see the church windows, and then to do thread "drawing"! I like your crown of thorns lenten season banner. I have a cross and crown banner sketched. It was for the church I went to in Ithaca....but I moved before I had a chance to make it, and my minister moved to Minnesota!