Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowstorm NEMO in WNY

Strange name for a storm....and while we had more snow than we've had in the past couple of winters, it really was mostly "just winter" in WNY (not like the East Coast).  I took a few pictures this AM, but the cold is worse than the snow I think.    I have a collection of grasses - delicate little things that blow in the wind, but are much stronger than we realize - to hold the weight of several inches of wet snow!!!

 This one is quite buried under several inches of snow!
 The stalks and seed heads - I leave them all winter and cut down in the spring.   Good for color, texture and feeding the birds.   Thankfully they don't appeal to the deer!
 Look at the snow cap on this delicate little grass!
 Love this pic - the gentle arching of the grass and the covering of snow!
 My tiny little 3 foot high Japanese Maple Tree
The top of the Rose of Sharon bush - just above the fence top!

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