Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Quilt Show - Part II -

This is a continuation of the posting below - just breaking up some of the photos so you can enjoy a few "more" and not be overwhelmed.

 Leaf Print Series #1 - Evelyn Kitson   wonderful use of sheers and stitches

 Leaf Print Series #2 - Evelyn Kitson
 Jacket made by Caris Burton.   She does wonderful garmets.
 Margaret Reek's wonderful quilt - metallic threadwork.   I couldn't get a great picture, the quilt is much darker, and unfortunately I didn't get the actual title.   But I love it!
 Don't Go Out in the Woods Tonight - Priscilla Kibbee.   You really have to see this up close and personal to see all the wonderful cross-stitching in this piece (including the photos below).   Breathtaking!!

Pictures of the actual venue space!   I am SO disappointed my friends could not get to see the show and appreciate being in this wonderful space.  The room was so packed with people and food on Saturday, you could barely see the walls and you certainly couldn't get to the walls.   So.....these are the photos I have.   Hope you can enjoy them "vicariously"!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting those pictures, Elaine. I couldn't see the show because they don't have an elevator to the second floor.