Sunday, March 3, 2013

All-County Chorus Concert with my Granddaughter

Yesterday (Saturday) I had the privilege of hearing my Granddaughter's All-County Chorus Concert.   This group is made up of the best from 13 schools in Livingston County.   I am always so thrilled to watch my grandchildren perform.   On Facebook, someone thanked their father and said he should be proud of what he started.   I immediately thought - hey, what about me - the music major - the one who supported their mother through all of HER musical activities.   Then I was reminded that I was supported by a mother who made sure I had a good musical education.   In reality, we can take credit for very few things our children/grandchildren do and become, for much has been started way before us.   We are just a part of the thread that goes through our family!!!!   So, I say with humbleness - well done Sammy Renee, I am so proud of you and proud to be a part of what makes you so wonderful today!
P.S. - she is the one who turned and posed (unbeknownst to her) at just the right time for me to take the picture!!!

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