Thursday, March 7, 2013

L'Autumno - A Winner Quilt

L'Autumno by Elaine Ross

This is the quilt I created for the "Nature Behind Bars" Challenge exhibit.   The quilts will hang at the Genesee Valley Quilt Show in June and then possibly become a traveling exhibit to major quilt shows.  In preparation, the quilts were judged by a professional judge and 4 prizes were award.   I am THRILLED to have won "Best Interpretation of Theme".

The quilt is based on a photo I took at Longwood Gardens in October of 2011.   I had the photo printed onto fabric by Julie Brandon -   I then printed part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons music - the autumn movement, aptly named "LAutumno" onto sheer organza and layered that over the very top of the quilt.

I love Longwood Gardens at any season of the year - one of my "favoritest" places to visit.   The quilt honors one of those seasons.


  1. Congratulations, Elaine!!! I'm one of the lucky people who got to see this piece in person, and it is a wonderful piece.

  2. Congratulations, Elaine!!! It's an award well deserved. That quilt is gorgeous. Your creativity and expert workmanship shine in this piece.

  3. It is a gorgeous piece indeed. Congratulations!