Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am humbled......and honored!

A few posts down I wrote about a quilt I had made and I called it "Circular Motion".

Yesterday I received a request from the creator of this pattern to feature it on her blog.   She had been alerted to my choice of color ways by someone who had seen this on my blog.   Her choice was red....mine...naturally.....was purple!  No big surprise there.

I don't know how to use "links" on Blogger, so will just post the URL and hope you will follow it to check out her blog also.


Her name is Karen Neary and her blog and patterns are under "Sew Karen-ly Created".   I hope you will peruse her blog and some of her ideas,   I follow her regularly always find them interesting.  

Thanks Karen, you made my day!!!


  1. SO Cool!!! Congratulations.
    Remind me to tell you how easy the "links" thing is.... :-)

    I think a link to her site is also on the guild's blog.

  2. No day is complete without a touch of purple! We will convert Karen to the purple side, yet. I love you colour choice. Could not have done a better job myself!

  3. Hi, Elaine: This has been such fun connecting with you over the quilt. I am honoured to have your beautiful work on my blog, you've been so generous and gracious in sharing. I meant to ask how you use your quilt - on the wall, or on a table? It looks like it is hanging in your photo.

  4. This has been fun connecting with you over the quilt, Elaine. I am honoured to have your beautiful quilt on my blog. I meant to ask how you use the quilt - on the wall or on a table? In the photo it looks like it is hung. (Just curious!) ~Karen

  5. Right now I have it on a round glass table in my dining area. In the picture it is hanging on my design wall - so as to get a good picture of the whole thing. I'm planning to attach it "somehow" to a panel with a sleeve, so it can be hung in my guild show in October. Now - to keep it good and clean until then!!!!