Sunday, June 22, 2014

A new baby on the way......and a baby shower

My daughter Heather very pregnant daughter.....has been home from Kansa for the past 3 weeks.  While here, her sister, Karen, hosted a baby shower!  🍼.  It was outdoors and it was windy and cool, but we had a great time.   Here are some photos recapturing the day:

This was Karen's favorite must do decoration.   The baby's name (yes it is a girl, named Elaina Karrington) was alternated with "onesies"!   It was also the one decoration that withstood the wind that day,

Of course I had to make her a quilt.....

But this was my favorite quilt I gave her.   This was her baby quilt, made by my mother.   The embroidery withstood time and was in perfect shape.  The backing, not so much.   My mother wasn't a great quilter so I had to remove the backing and take out the flannel sheet she used for batting and add uilt inn thru all the layers.   I named it "Grandmothers and Granddaughters"and wrote the history on the label, ending with "this quilt has been touched and loved by 4 generations"

This is our family.....all gathered for the special day!

Finally, my two girls....."sisters"!    💜

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