Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RAFA Quilt

My RAFA quilt continues to "take shape".   I seem to stop and procrastinate over each step - but, it's getting there.   If you don't remember, the theme for this show is "On The Edge" - portrayed anyway you want it.   I chose to portray the edge of the wall at Stony Brook Park near Dansville, NY.   It is an adaptation of a photograph I took.....orange leichen on the dark walls and a single plant with these leaves coming out between the stones almost at the very bottom.

I started out by creating these leaves.   They are totally done with threadwork.  Lots and lots and lots of thread - at least 6 different colors of thread to give shape & dimension & texture.   I LOVE them - they add so much dimension.   Here they are just pinned to the background.

Yesterday they were appliqued to the background.

I struggle to get a good picture of the beading.   I wanted to portray the orange lichen I saw on the walls, a friend suggested I add orange beads.   It's great, they are the exact color of the deeper orange in the fabric and they do add texture.   They just "wimp out" in a picture.

This is the most recent step - adding the stems to the leaves and then some cheesecloth, dyed with Dyna Flo.   I love what the cheesecloth does for the piece.   I may add some more along the bottom.  

I left this picture bigger as you might discern some of the beads in the orange parts near the top and left side.

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