Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Challenge quilt done...and...the year in review,

We are in the middle of creating our challenge quilts for our annual guild challenge. This year's challenge was called "This Was Then....."  based on the year you were born.  Nobody reveals until January when they are submitted.  Sometimes we give teasers....here is my teaser,,,,for which you will garner nothing as to the finished product.   

Surprisingly, I am done...early, most are completing the week they are due, sometimes even the morning of!!!   I was totally uninspired until a chance photo sent by a friend intrigued me enough to do some experimenting to see if I could convey it In fabric.   It just happened I decided to turn it into a challenge.   More next month!

My friend Martha  always posts what she accomplished during the year.  I decided I would keep track.   I lost track of it part way through, but think I have remembered most.

-   2 birch tree art quilts...."Then...the Crocus" - for RAFA show, winner of art quilt award at GVQC               "Autumn Candles" - winner in art quilt category at Old Forge quilt show

- 2 quilts for Gem and Mineral show in Rochester.   "Footsteps" & "Where I "Stand" 

- "Inflorescence" - digital printed and quilted, hung in GVQC show and RAFA show

- guild challenge - "Butterflies and Bottlecaps", literary challenge

- ice dye challenge, stained glass windows for ArtCGirlz!
- 2 Mandela challenges. - "Where Words Fail...Music Speaks" and "Butterfly" For ArtCGirlz.

- 2 pulpit banners for Church

- quilt for a  very good friend in Florida - a portrait quilt of his mother

- "Out on a Limb" from Wendy butler Berns workshop at guild

- row by row guild project....yet to be a finished quilt.

- silent auction donation , quilted tulip panel 

3 mug rugs,  3 purses, 3 fabric cards

- made blocks for and did the machine quilting on a comfort quilt for a very dear friend going thru chemotherapy....one of the highlights of my year.

- took part in Iron Quilter at GVQC.  Finished quilt in 3 1/2 hours.

Whew, I think I accomplished quite a bit....and there might be a couple more I didn't remember.

Here's to another successful year in 2014!


  1. Wow!! That's a productive year.

  2. Wow!! That's a productive year! What a great idea to keep track like that.

  3. :-) You have been busy, as always! Looking forward to the challenge reveal! I have not started. Not inspired by my birth year! :-( Still may give it a go . . . I mean, I have two whole weeks . . minus one day. :-)