Thursday, December 5, 2013

What a week!

This week was supposed to be so much different than it has turned out so far!   This is how it started!

I planned a party to get the family together to celebrate my husband's 65th birthday,   We had a great time and it is always fun when we are together.

My gorgeous granddaughter, Samantha!

My middle grandchild, Aaron,

My youngest grandson, Jcob!

From there it all went downhill.   Monday, the actual date of his  birthday, we spent in doctors and specialist offices because it was discovered my husband had a detached retina,  at 5:00 he was taken into surgery for repair.  A gas bubble now sits behind the retina, on top of the optic nerve to hold the repair in place.   Other than shapes, colors and forms, he sees nothing out of that eye.  As the bubble dissipates on its own (a 4-6 week process), he will gradually see more and more, to where we hope original or close to original vision is restored,   The days are now filled with keeping his head down at 90 degrees for 30 min, of every hour, and a bizillion eye drops at varying times throughout the day,  we both had a full week of activities,,,,All cancelled.   Vacation next week....cancelled!  Amazingly, he is in good spirits....probably better than mine. his retirement day.   This was supposed to be a week of excitement as he winds down his 30+ year career in the insurance field.  He is still excited,  but it has taken on a whole different tone.


  1. Sorry to read about the week and Mark's eye trouble. Hope things upswing soon

  2. Hi Elaine,

    I'm so sorry this happened to your husband. Praying for a complete recovery, and that 2014 will be full of happiness and good health.

    You were missed at the RAFA meeting this week.