Friday, December 20, 2013

Vox Lumine concerts

My husband belongs to a singing group called Vox Lumine.   It is a lovely choral group, small and madrigal sized that sings all different varieties of concerts.   Right now they are in the midst of their Christmas concerts and it is a very lovely "get you in the spirit" type of concert.   Because he is still on driving restrictions after eye surgery, I have had to drive him to all the rehearsals and concerts.   

Here is part of the group performing last night.

They also performed on classical radio station in Rochester yesterday morning,   You can hear the concert at 1:00 pm on Sunday December 22 if you go to click on radio and click on "listen live".

Tonight, Dec. 20, they are performing in Batavia, NY and Saturday in Orchard Park, NY.

So.....not much quilting the past few days, but hope to get back to it soon!

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  1. Elaine, The concert was fantastic and so happy that we could attend. Would like to learn about other concerts that this group will present.